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I recently stumbled across a video on Youtube that piqued my interest.  In the video, there was a panel discussion between four known Christians and Christopher Hitchens, a well-known atheist.  I can’t remember who all of the Christians were, but among them were William Laine Craig and Lee Strobel, published apologeticists (is that the right word? haha).   I must say, poor Mr. Hitchens, was considerably outnumbered, but this didn’t seem to trouble him at all.

I knew Hitchens to be one of the “new atheists,” but hadn’t ever heard him speak.  I am pleased to say I found him to be much more calm and rational than I expected.  Despite the fact, that I totally disagree with his atheism, it is always pleasing to find that you can have intelligent and generally friendly debate.  He had several objections to Christianity, many of which were reasonable objections that Christians can…

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